About Us


Hi, my name is Patrick Johnson. I own Hold It Now! Films.

It seems these days just about everyone can make a video. Look at your phone. Right there in your hand is a mobile production company. Honestly if you just need a quick video, or a really cheap video, I’m probably not your guy. Don’t worry, there are thousands of kids with new expensive cameras you can hire, and to be fair, they will probably make stuff that is decent enough for 90% of their clients.


People don’t hire me for my camera gear. They hire me for my creative talent and taste. They trust me to protect their image. My clients are the 10% for whom image is important and they want someone with experience and taste to protect them. As a result I work with a lot of global brands because they understand the value of presenting a great image. That doesn’t mean I only work for big brands. I want to work with anyone who values great over mediocre.


That being said, a big part of my job is working with high-profile talent. It’s my responsibility to help them get the best performance they can in front of the camera. It’s about trust. With trust comes comfort and creating an atmosphere of safety, and that allows them to shine. Nobody is at their best when they are nervous or distracted.

We all live hectic lives with crazy schedules so I really try to make the set a calm creative place free of chaos. A place for creativity to flow where both talent and client can relax and feel safe. If this sounds like something you agree with please send me an email with a good time to contact you.