Ally and her fellow band members, Chris, Maxine and Shane, are traveling home from a gig through a deserted industrial section of downtown. Out of the darkness, a hysterical and bloody teen darts directly into the path of their van. The girl has been horrifically brutalized and her tongue is missing.

Suddenly, a heavily tattooed and pierced gang of freaks besieges the van. Ally and her friends manage to escape, but are unable to rescue the bloody teen.

Having see too much, Ally and her friends are now targeted by an underground subculture of body modification freaks. These freaks who's way of life is experiencing bizarre body modifications and extreme pain use this lifestyle as a weapon against Ally and her friends.

A body can only be modified so much.


(Find out the truth about the real subculture)


tattoos, cutting, branding, piercing, sewing lips, burning flesh, tongue piercing, splitting tongue,
facial tattoo, scarification, scaring flesh, ritual scaring, ritual branding, blood letting, nose ring
septum piercing, drinking blood, full body tattoo, hanging from hooks by skin, file teeth, lizardman,
freakshow, body implants, body modification. Teen horror film. Saw, Saw II, Saw 2, texas chainsaw massacre. 
Halloween, Exorcist, Friday the 13th, blood fest, Clive Barker, Wes Craven, Sick film, Scared, terrified,
Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, Fangoria Magazine, Director Patrick Johnson