Welcome to the pre-production info site for the new documentary working titled "Move the Crowd".

The Film:
The film is going to document the fascinating world of the DJ turned creator. From the home studios to the night club dance floor, and everything in between. We want to introduce the world to the creative people responsible for the music. We will also examine the new generation of kids with stars in their eyes and turntables under their hands who have selected the DJ path instead of the Band path to reach their musical dreams. The film will also cover dance music performers and new forms of electronica as a reaction to DJ culture. We will also explore the role of the Producer and the art of Re-mixing and how it impacts the music of performing artist and their success. We want this film to inspire and provide direction for the next generation of DJ's. The DJ has come a long way from just playing records to now being a musical force in their own right, but at the end of the day playing records is still the unquenchable desire that keeps the fire burning in most DJ's hearts.

Show Your Support:
If you are someone or know of someone we should talk to, let us know. Also we are also seeking DJ footage and photographs, so if you have some video tapes of some cool DJ’s doing their thing let us know. Help us to enlighten the world about this unique artform.

CONTACT casting@holditnow.com

6333 E Mockingbird Ln, Suite 147
Dallas TX 75214-2692

Hold It Now! Films presents "Backspin"
Directed by Patrick Johnson an independent filmmaker and writer
Produced by Chris Donnelly an independent filmmaker and producer