U.S. RELEASE DATE WAS MARCH 2005- Block Buster, Best Buy, Hollywood Video, etc.

Side FX (Feature Film/Horror)
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Side FX is a classic style "college coeds in peril" horror film. The plot revolves around a new party drug that has a hidden side effect. The drugs origins are from the middle ages and is responsible for the Vampire legend. The film capitalizes on the actual events and reported side effects from the newest party drug known as "liquid ecstasy, X20, or AYCE, a drug making it's way through the under ground club drug scene. Moody and clever with a great looking cast.


"It's always refreshing to stumble across new indie filmmakers who know how to entertain a horror audience..."

"the film is competently made and briskly paced, features energetic young actors and has a playfully sleazy vibe similar to '70s gore fare."

"Johnson pulls out all the stops for his gooey climax, along with several tense sequences and trippy, bloodsoaked hallucinations."

"The entire cast embraces the material with the proper mix of respect, fun, and attitude, with Phillips quite likable as the increasingly distraught Tuesday and Swift playing his manic role like a less brain damaged Gary Busey."

"SideFX combines a creepy concept, sick humor and onscreen savagery into an enthusiastic little treat that's more purely entertaining than most multimillion-dollar studio swill."

-- Fangoria Magazine May 05

"Side FX is great mix of horror and eroticism as the youthful cast and ingenious storyline deliver a chilling tale of drugs and bloodsucking vampire fun. There's never a dull moment from the opening scene to the surprising twist at the end. The filmmakers also so a tremendous job creating an ominous, artsy setting that is sleek and visually stunning."
-Home Media Retailing

"A tight fast paced film that hits all the horror film formula tones and delivers the goods. Good show"
Geoff Chapman– Horror Film Psyche

" A careless vulgar film that exploits a serious drug threat with nudity and unrealistic amounts of blood trying to appeal to the worst parts of human nature. That being said, if anyone sees the film and becomes aware of this serious and dangerous new drug and therefore avoids it's pitfalls, although highly unlikely, that would have to be a positive outcome. [This] in no way being an endorsement for the film."
Dr. Phillip Wagner– Drug Treatment and Rehibilitations Advisor, Stillwater Intitute

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